Best Buddies | Rosetta Bakery

Best Buddies and Rosetta Bakery launch the first equal partnership between a nonprofit and for-profit entity for the inclusion of all. In addition to the authentic, high-quality food and coffee, this unique partnership provides employment and internship opportunities for individuals with special abilities and serves as a profit center for the organization.

Best Buddies Jobs program participant Guillermo (second from right) with his Best Buddies x Rosetta Bakery coworkers

In fact, 50% of every purchase goes directly to Best Buddies to support and expand their programs for people with intellectual and development disabilities.

“Rosetta couldn’t be more excited about partnering up with such an inspiring organization. Together with BestBuddies, we will “bake” a new way of bringing awareness and social responsibility into business, merging a great mission with the strongest commitment to food excellence. Stay tuned, we are buddying up for a delicious reason :)”

The Founders of Rosetta Bakery

“The Best Buddies x Rosetta Bakery partnership is a giant step forward for our organization. This partnership will create unparalleled employment opportunities for our Best Buddies Jobs participants and allow them to showcase their talents and skills to the public at large. Additionally, this new venture is going to be a great vehicle to promote our mission of inclusion to the general public and serve as a great way to generate revenue that will allow us to continue to build our organization, both nationally and internationally.”

Anthony K. Shriver, Founder & CEO of Best Buddies International

Donate to Enrich Lives Through Employment  

Your support of the Best Buddies Jobs program helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) find employment opportunities where they will excel, while also helping businesses hire skilled and dedicated employees.